Since 1996 Rescon Basement Solutions has been transforming basements and crawlspaces into dry, structurally sound, moisture free environments. Providing our clients with state of the art products and services. As New Hampshire’s leader in basement technology and basement systems. You can rely on Rescon Basement Solutions.

We improve the quality of our clients properties and homes by reclaiming and transforming basements and foundations. As with any specialist, you will receive access to products and services not offered or available to most general contractors, plumbers or other home improvement service providers. When you choose Rescon Basement Solutions, you’re choosing a trusted and established company that is known for it’s commitment to quality and customer service.

We take pride in creating a safe, comfortable and healthy basement environment. Call us today so we can help you find the right solution for correcting your basement and foundation problems.


New Bulkheads

New bulkhead basement doors are a great way to improve your home’s basement. They provide easy access from the outdoors, and offer a safe way to get in and out of your basement. Egress Windows for basements are another great […]

Spring Time!

Look at all this water outside! Dare I say that it may actually be New Hampshire’s rainy season, and possibly no more snow? The green trees and misty air that most New Englanders know as Spring, is finally here! All […]

Battery Backup

When you go the full length to waterproof your basement, it’s always upsetting when you wake up to water in your basement after a storm. To prevent this from happening, we highly recommend installing a battery backup pump with your […]