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Helpful Basement Tips for Home Buyers on the House Hunt

According to Realtor.com, the busiest seasons for buying and selling a home are the Spring and the Summer.  When you think about it, it makes sense; packing up and moving a house is much easier when the weather is warm […]

Basement Photo Friday – For Home Buyers, A Basement Sketch to Show You Where to Look for Rust, an ominous sign.

Spring is quickly moving into Summer time and this is prime season for house hunting.  We are beginning a series of posts about basement clues to the integrity and health of the whole home.  Many of these basement health clues […]

Turn it off – Safety Measures to Prevent Your Home and Basement from Flooding When Away

Turn it off! Simple Things to Protect Your Home and Basement from Flooding   One of the worst possible times for a home to experience flooding is when you, the homeowner, are away from the house.  Imagine returning home from […]