Basement Photo Friday – A Scary, Made for Halloween, London Pub and its Old Cellar Cells

London is famous for it’s history, buildings, beautiful parks, amazing museums and trend setting styles, restaurants and shops. London is also most famous and visited for the centuries old public houses a.k.a “pubs” that adorn almost every street corner or tiny […]

Scary Basement – Creepy Crawlspace Photo & Story Challenge – Win $100.00 Gift Certificate

NEW!  Visit the “Scary Basement – Creepy Crawlspace  Photo” Gallery! Now, Enter the  “Scary Basement – Creepy Crawlspace Photo and Story Challenge” and be Eligible to Win $100.00 Gift Certificate Do you have a “scary”  basement? Is your basement full of […]

It’s Basement Photo Friday! Would you go into this basement?

Basements have long been the subject of nightmares and horror movies.  Attics have had their fair share of attention too.  Today we bring you a haunting,  yet somehow beautiful photo of a basement staircase.  These stairs belong to the Beelitz-Heilstätten. […]