Basement Photo Friday – Please, Don’t Try This at Home!

An open channel sump pump system such as a 5 gallon bucket is not the best nor is it the healthiest solution for drying out a basement.

The bucket pump image shown is an example of an open sump pump channel system that some general contractors and DIYers install.  This “5 gallon bucket sump” is not the best solution nor is it the healthiest solution for waterproofing […]

Interior Basement Waterproofing – Why Open Channel Sump Pump Solutions Are Dangerous for Your Basement – The 5 Gallon Bucket Sump

Interior Basement Waterproofing – The Open Channel Interior Basement Waterproofing System For a basement that is wet and prone to flooding and leaking or seeping,  installing an interior basement waterproofing system is a must. An interior basement waterproofing system is […]

Basement Workout – Exercise Room and Basement Air Quality

Every day many of us wake up in the morning and hit the basement workout room to exercise. The basement can be a perfect space to create your own home gym and exercise room. Creating a basement workout room is […]