Fall in New England is fast approaching – simple things to keep the basement healthy.

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in New England.  The leaves of maples and oak trees change from green to vivid shades of reds, oranges and yellows.  The Fall foliage season is Mother Nature’s departing gift before the […]

Iron Bacteria – Bad for pipes, pumps & well equipment but good for the environment?

What are iron bacteria?  Iron bacteria are actually tiny living organisms.  These iron bacteria live in and occur in soil, shallow groundwater, and also surface waters. The bacteria oxidize iron, and also oxidize manganese if available.  The result of the […]

Efflorescence – Basement Vocabulary – White, Chalky Lines of Efflorescence in the Basement

Effloresence in Basements Have you ever noticed white lines running along your foundation or basement walls? These lines look like chalk lines and if you look closely, they may be raised and bumpy. Efflorence can also present itself as powdery […]

Basement Workout – Exercise Room and Basement Air Quality

Every day many of us wake up in the morning and hit the basement workout room to exercise. The basement can be a perfect space to create your own home gym and exercise room. Creating a basement workout room is […]

Basement Humidity Control

“Honey, what is that smell in the basement?” Have you ever noticed that as spring temperatures rise outside, so do the odors in your basement? Regardless of the amount of rain in the forecast, all basements are prone to increasing […]