Do not store those things on the basement floor!

A flooded basement is a nightmare for homeowners. The aftermath of a flooded basement is not just water drenched and damaged personal belongings, furniture or appliances and fixtures. Flooding in the basement can cause safety issues that many homeowners don’t […]

It’s Basement Photo Friday! Lace up your rollerskates and grab a milkshake.

Design inspiration flows throughout the centuries and this 1950’s era Art Deco basement is stunning. Don’t be afraid to use the bold colors and patterns of the Art Deco era when thinking about basement design. If you believe your basement […]

Basement Flooring – Flooring in a finished basement can be stylish and comfortable but be aware of two variables.

When it comes to basement flooring installation, there are two critical issues that need to be considered when choosing the flooring materials. The two things that could cause serious issues in your basement are water vapor and a flood event. […]

Basement Photo Friday – Basement Playroom Idea

by Liz Cann Interiors

It’s Friday!  Here is our  Inspirational Basement photo for the week. Today’s photo and basement room is just full of fun. Check out this amazing idea for a playroom that kids of all ages will love. This room is bright, […]