Basement Photo Friday – Melting Snow and Spring Rains Means Wet Basement and Flood Potential

It is said that for every 10 inches of snow that melts, an inch of rain is left behind.  Is your basement ready? This Spring is going to be a wet one due to the rain and the ridiculously large […]

Using Waterproof Paint to Stop Water or Flooding in the Basement

Waterproof paints and wet basement seal coats – The wet band-aid solution to a leaky, flooded basement. As we wrote in our previous post on basement sealers and waterproofing paints, the hype surrounding these “waterproofing solutions” is just that, hype.  These […]

Do not store those things on the basement floor!

A flooded basement is a nightmare for homeowners. The aftermath of a flooded basement is not just water drenched and damaged personal belongings, furniture or appliances and fixtures. Flooding in the basement can cause safety issues that many homeowners don’t […]

If a Sump Pump Fails – Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage in the Basement and Home?

Today we have a special guest blog from Alyssa at  Eaton & Berube Insurance in Nashua, NH.   Homeowners who have sump pumps, and those contemplating adding a sump pump to their basements, will find this post very informative.  The post covers […]

Basement Flooding in the Winter Months Before the Spring Thaw – Basements can flood in the winter.

During the winter months, homeowners who live in snowy, cold areas seldom think about what’s going on in their basements.  They probably never think about the potential for basement flooding.  In the winter, the ground is typically frozen and covered with several […]