basement photo friday

Basement Photo Friday – A Scary, Made for Halloween, London Pub and its Old Cellar Cells

London is famous for it’s history, buildings, beautiful parks, amazing museums and trend setting styles, restaurants and shops. London is also most famous and visited for the centuries old public houses a.k.a “pubs” that adorn almost every street corner or tiny […]

Cellar Doors and Bulkheads are on Basement Photo Friday Today

If your bulkhead is old and leaky, maintaining a healthy basement environment becomes more difficult.  Water and moisture may enter through small cracks or compromised joints and mechanisms.  This could lead to mold and mildew and air that is not […]

Upcycled Pallets Create Media Room Seating – Basement Photo Friday

Are you looking for affordable, creative and functional seating for your basement media room? Is it about time to expand the seating capacity in the kids’ playroom?  Consider upcycling a few pallets! Upcycling can be inexpensive and often you can […]