Sump Pump Season is Here – Our Blog Knows It

As Mother Nature is loosening up her snowy, icy grip on the area and melting is finally beginning, people are starting to find moisture and water in their basements.  Those who have sump pump systems already installed are now taking […]

Wet Basement Fixes – Do waterproof seal coats and basement water sealants really work for basement flooding?

When your basement is wet and flooding, or just leaking water, don’t run out and buy some paint! Finding water leaking or even just slowly seeping into your basement can be disconcerting.  You may be tempted to run out to […]

Snow Removal for a Dry Basement and for Home Safety

When we have huge snowfalls such as we have had over these past 2 weeks, it is important that we get that snow removed for both safety and comfort. For the Basement Shoveling snow away from your home and clearing […]