Basement Walls

A Safe and Simple Basement Christmas Tree Idea

People enjoy decorating their finished basements for the holidays but may have a difficult time deciding whether or not to add a Christmas tree.  This idea, brought to you by, keeps the feel of a traditional Christmas tree without the […]

What’s behind that wall? It’s Basement Photo Friday

What's behind that wall?

Sometimes it’s difficult for a homeowner to imagine the empty unfinished basement as a cozy and warm extension of living space in the home.  With it’s exposed pipes, duct work and even furnace and hot water tank, the basement can […]

Choosing Paint Colors for a Basement – Basement Photo Friday

Finishing a basement space requires a lot of planning and decision.  From deciding between hiring a basement contractor or DIYing it, to choosing the type of ceiling or flooring, your new basement living space will be an additional living area […]