Basement Stairs

Happy Halloween Weekend! Basement Photo Friday

  Here are a few clever ways to decorate the basement stairs for Halloween.  If you’re running out of time,  these simple ideas can be put together quickly and with little shopping for materials to be done; except for the […]

Helpful Basement Tips for Home Buyers on the House Hunt

According to, the busiest seasons for buying and selling a home are the Spring and the Summer.  When you think about it, it makes sense; packing up and moving a house is much easier when the weather is warm […]

Concerned about basement water leaks, humidity or temperature changes in the basement? Now you can get alerted with Wally!

Unfortunately, Wally is no longer available as of January 2016 Concerned about water leaks, humidity or temperature changes in the basement? At Rescon Basement Solutions, we take pride in creating dry, beautiful basements and now, we are pleased to offer […]

It’s Basement Photo Friday! What or who is sleeping under your stairs?

This design comes to you from Nick Dawson Designs in Dublin, Ireland.

We have a Pinterest board dedicated to “Under the Stairs..” giving you ideas of all the things you can do with that empty space under the stairway.  These ideas don’t have to be limited to basement stairs, they can be […]

It’s Basement Photo Friday! Start the New Year off with a fresh set of stairs!

Happy New Year!  Do you have any plans for remodeling or refreshing your basement or other area in your home?  Have you ever thought about re-finishing your stairs?  Staircases take a lot of traffic and a lot of punishment.  The […]