Basement Problems

Basement Photo Friday – For Home Buyers, A Basement Sketch to Show You Where to Look for Rust, an ominous sign.

Spring is quickly moving into Summer time and this is prime season for house hunting.  We are beginning a series of posts about basement clues to the integrity and health of the whole home.  Many of these basement health clues […]

Basement Photo Friday – Have you seen these white lines?

  It’s getting warmer and drier out there and it’s time to think about household projects, both indoor and outdoor.  Is your basement on the list?    If you have ventured down into your basement recently and noticed that your […]

April Showers Bring Damp and Wet Basements – What to Know to Hire a Pro

It’s that time of year again, when the snow is melted melting and the ground is sopping wet; finally winter is loosening its grip on New Hampshire and Massachusetts!  With all the snow melt and rains that April is sure […]

Rescon Basement Solutions Welcomes Beth Murch – New Basement Waterproofing Addition

Beth Murch Joins Rescon Basement Solutions as Basement Waterproofing Project Manager Rescon Basement Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Beth Murch to our Basement Waterproofing team. Beth has been working in the basement waterproofing industry since 2006 and […]

Sump Pump Season is Here – Our Blog Knows It

As Mother Nature is loosening up her snowy, icy grip on the area and melting is finally beginning, people are starting to find moisture and water in their basements.  Those who have sump pump systems already installed are now taking […]