Basement Lighting

What’s behind that wall? It’s Basement Photo Friday

What's behind that wall?

Sometimes it’s difficult for a homeowner to imagine the empty unfinished basement as a cozy and warm extension of living space in the home.  With it’s exposed pipes, duct work and even furnace and hot water tank, the basement can […]

It’s Basement Photo Friday! Boldy Go Where No Man Has Gone Before…..

Beam us up, dad! A Star Trek fanatic has built an extraordinary replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the basement of his Long Island home. Anthony Sforza, 48, has been collecting Star Trek memorabilia for years, but decided in 2010 […]

It’s Basement Photo Friday! Let there be Light!

Lighting in a basement living space is one of the biggest design considerations when remodeling or finishing a basement.  Forget about those old large, rectangular fluorescent lights, modern and stylish lighting is a better way to light up your basement. […]