Basement Flooring

Helpful Basement Tips for Home Buyers on the House Hunt

According to, the busiest seasons for buying and selling a home are the Spring and the Summer.  When you think about it, it makes sense; packing up and moving a house is much easier when the weather is warm […]

Concerned about basement water leaks, humidity or temperature changes in the basement? Now you can get alerted with Wally!

Unfortunately, Wally is no longer available as of January 2016 Concerned about water leaks, humidity or temperature changes in the basement? At Rescon Basement Solutions, we take pride in creating dry, beautiful basements and now, we are pleased to offer […]

Basement Photo Friday – What a transformation!

We recently completed a basement project that has literally changed the lives of the homeowners.  As you can see in the “Before” image on the left, this basement was dirty (literally) and damp and very musty.  The homeowners never went […]

Basement Photo Friday – Grab your stick and your skates, it’s hockey time!

A few weeks back we showed you a nice hockey themed basement with a vinyl floor and great decoration. Today’s hockey basement takes the basement hockey or ice rink up to a whole new level!  Basement ice rinks are made […]

It’s Basement Photo Friday – When Stains on the Floor are Great to Have

Choosing the flooring that you want in your finished basement can be a dilemma.  Because the basement environment can be damp and humid, and hydrostatic pressure will be present,  flooring choices should always be made based on the durability and […]