Clever Basement Storage in a Bench – Basement Photo Friday


From The Rambling Renovators – An award winning DIY family blog

Looking for utilitarian storage solutions for your basement finishing or renovation project?  Storage spaces and places should flow smoothly and beautifully into a living space.  This long storage bench serves to keep clutter hidden and also serves as extra seating.

When thinking about adding a versatile storage bench to your space, there are a few things to think about besides depth of the drawers, drawer slides and pulls.  For example, you should decide if you want the bench to be a true sitting area or just a place to toss decorative pillows.  If you would like the bench to be used for seating, then you must figure out the optimal height of the bench.  Also, think about the cushions; would you place the cushions along the wall for a comfy back rest or just on the seat box? Should you have thick or thin cushions?  These are a few of the elements that will help you create a storage bench that will work best for your family and the room that the bench is in.

Don’t forget, adding additional storage in the form of a comfy storage bench need not be confined to basement spaces.  The dining room, living room or bedroom may benefit from this type of a chic and useful storage bench as well.


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