At Rescon Basement Solutions, we create beautiful finished basements and also solve water and moisture problems in any type of basement.

We improve the quality of homes by reclaiming and remodeling basement spaces including repairing any basement problems a homeowner may encounter. When you choose Rescon Basement Solutions, you’re choosing a trusted and established company that is known for it’s commitment to quality and customer service.

We take pride in creating not only a comfortable living space in your basement but a safe basement environment as well.  Call us today for your solution on correcting the environment in your basement.  Basement Finishing, Remodeling and Waterproofing specialties are available to all clients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts including Boston, the South Shore, Manchester and Concord.



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standard Damp basements are wonderful places for all types of bugs to settle in and thrive

Many bugs live out their lives in the cool, dark and oftentimes damp environments of basements. Most of these bugs are not the cute little ladybugs that we adore nor are they these little fuzzy May Bugs either.  This basement […]